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Need better curb appeal? Softwashing is the perfect solution!

Pulling up to your home at the end of your day should be something you look forward to, and if you aren’t quite pleased with the appearance of your house, there are some solutions, ranging greatly in price and complexity. One of the quickest and most budget-friendly ways to instantly increase the curb appeal of your home is with exterior house washing.

Exterior House Washing in Bunker Hill, West Virginia

Homes collect dirt, grime, dust, spider webs, debris, algae, mold, and mildew, and these contaminants can really degrade the appearance of your home. Luckily, these problems can be remedied with exterior house washing! At West Virginia SoftWash, we specialize in a gentle cleaning method called softwashing, which is more effective, longer lasting, and easier on the exterior surfaces of your home. While most people would opt to pressure wash their home, it is not the best choice. Pressure washing can damage the exterior surface of your home with the high pressure water and is only rinsing away the dirt and grime without actually cleaning it. Our softwashing technique uses low pressure water along with a cleaning solution that will dissolve the offensive dirt, grime, algae, and mold and can remove stains gently to extend the lifespan of your home’s building materials.

Serving Bunker Hill, West Virginia, we are Top Gun SoftWash certified and know our way around proper exterior house washing. We want you to take pride in your home, and we offer fair pricing, so we can meet your needs in a cost-effective way. If you are looking for the best team for your needs, look no further! Give us a call today to get scheduled and see why all of our customers return to us again and again for their exterior house washing needs!

At West Virginia SoftWash, we offer exterior house washing services in Martinsburg, Charles Town, Falling Waters, Inwood, Bunker Hill, Ridgeway, Middleway, and Hedgesville, West Virginia.


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