Deck Washing: Are You Doing the Right Thing?

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One of the best things about having a deck is that you can enjoy it almost all year long! Whether it’s the cooler fall season and you enjoy grilling outdoors or the summer when you have a cool drink outside as refreshment, there are endless possibilities for a deck.

Deck Washing: Are You Doing the Right Thing?

One of the things that is important for deck maintenance is deck washing, because it ensures that your deck continues to look good and that the decking materials remain in good condition. But did you know that some forms of deck washing can be harmful to your deck rather than helpful? If you’ve noticed that your decking materials aren’t looking as good as they could, you might want to invest in deck washing that will not only restore your deck but also protect it!

Softwashing is a great solution when you want to clean your decking materials throughout the year. The reason you may want to choose softwashing for your next deck washing task is because it offers the cleaning of surfaces you are looking for but also the protection that other methods may be missing.

Softwashing still uses water to blast away dirt, grime, and organic matter, but it’s not as pressurized as power washing. This is a good thing, because power washing can sometimes cause damage to decking materials due to the high-powered spray. Additionally, softwashing includes an environmentally friendly chemical agent that protects decks against organic matter buildup, so your deck maintains its beautiful appearance longer.

Softwashing has many advantages over traditional deck washing methods, and it can also be used on many other outdoor surfaces, such as concrete, shingles, siding, and more! At West Virginia SoftWash, we’d love to show you the benefits of softwashing for exterior surfaces. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.