The Four Ps of a SoftWash System

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At West Virginia SoftWash, we love seeing how happy our customers are when they try softwashing for the first time. We often find that home and business owners aren’t very familiar with softwash systems, but once they’ve tried softwashing for the first time, they never go back to the other methods they were using for exterior cleaning.

The Four Ps of a SoftWash System

There are several reasons a softwash system is advantageous for residential and commercial use alike. Here are the four Ps of a softwash system that make it different from other exterior cleaning methods:

  • Protection – A softwash system is designed to protect virtually any surface being cleaned from dirt, grime, pollen, algae, mold, and other buildup. While traditional power washing may wash the gunk away, it doesn’t prevent the grime from coming back. A softwash system provides a protective coating on your outdoor materials so you get lasting protection against unsightly grime.
  • Plants & Pets – Another reason to appreciate a softwash system is because it is safe for plants and pets on your property. Although a softwash system uses a cleaning solution to help protect against grime buildup, it is safe for all green things and living creatures that may exist in your outdoor space.
  • Preservation – Many property owners know that a softwash system uses less water than traditional power washing systems. That means it is eco-friendly by reducing water usage and saving money on your utility bill when you have a softwashing service completed.

It’s important to us to offer a complete solution for residential and commercial exterior cleaning. If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of a softwash system, call us today to schedule your first service. We look forward to talking with you!